Episode 39

Montezuma Winery - Seneca Falls, NY Pt. 1

Our featured winery is: In this episode, we head to the town that hosted the first women's rights convention in 1848. It's also believed to be the inspiration for Bedford Falls, Mary, my wife Clarence, Merry Christmas everybody. Yes, the movie, It's A Wonderful Life, it's Seneca Falls, New York, home to Montezuma Winery. Hi, this is Phil Plummer. I'm the head winemaker for the Martin Family, Wineries Montezuma Winery. Under The Martin family, wineries and distilleries. You have Montezuma Winery, Old Forge, IDOL Ridge Winery, Alder Creek Distillery, and Hidden Marsh Distillery. We're going to focus on Montezuma Winery since you are the head winemaker, Phil. Let's get a little background on yourself. I'm originally from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, but I came to Rochester, New York, to go to college. I went to RIT and I was there for this really like specialized science computer science program, and I got a couple of years deep into that and came to the realization that I was headed for a life where I was going to be buried at a lab bench or behind a computer screen, and that terrified me through the hospitality school at RIT, I'd been taking wine tasting classes, so I decided to start making wine and beer in my college apartment, which was probably not within the letter of the law at the time, but I really fell in love with production. I like making things, and I always felt like maybe wine would be what I did if I won the Powerball someday.

Your Host: Forrest Kelly is an experienced Radio/TV broadcaster who has interviewed some of Hollywood’s biggest celebrities from Shania Twain to Kevin Costner. A lover of wine who is fascinated by the science behind it.

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