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Post Winery – Altus, AR Pt. 1

Post Winery

Welcome to The Best 5 Minute Wine Podcast. I’m your host Forrest Kelly from the seed to the glass. Wine has a past. Our aim at The Best 5 Minute Wine Podcast is to look for adventure at wineries around the globe. After all grape minds think alike. Let’s start the adventure. Our featured winery in this episode is Post Winery.

We head to the state that ranks number one in rice and poultry production. My wife’s favorite author, John Grisham is from the state. The state’s musical instrument is the fiddle.

You’ve got to have a fiddle in the band. What was that? You’ve got to have a fiddle in the band. Thank you, Alabama. No, we’re not talking about Alabama.

We’re talking about the only state that produces diamonds.

Arkansas is home to Post Winery, it is the largest winery in this region. It is in the top 60 as far as size goes in the United States. We produce about 268,000 gallons of wine and juice every year. My name is Tina Post and I’m one of the fifth-generation family members working here at Post. We wear several hats. Mine is managing the retail and gift shop. The Trellis Room which is our farm to table food program. I do H.R. and things like cultivating our garden for our restaurant. We’re located in northwest Arkansas really at the base of the Boston mountains Altus.

Arkansas is the site and because of where it’s located it offers some unique growing capabilities.

We actually have a recognized as a viticulture area. It’s called Altus the outer sort of cultural area and we grow 5 different species of grapes which is very unique and I think America to grow those commercially. We’re kind of where the North meets the South and the East meets the West potentially. We have the beta Spanish fruit. Like your Chardonnay and Zinfandel. Labrusca like the Niagara Delaware Concord of course falls into that category. French hybrids like save all the doll and yellow beta festivals which is the Cynthia and the great. It’s also known as Norton if you go into Missouri and they’ll call it Norton and beat us pretend to follow which are the mascot eyes. This is as far north as it grows commercially Altus, Arkansas.

So out of those 5 varieties that you mentioned do you have a favorite?

Yes. The muscadine line it’s a flagship great for us. It’s a thick-skinned grape that hangs in clusters as opposed to bunches and it is indigenous to North America. And it only grows below the Mason-Dixon line. It’s a grape that was written about oh it goes back into the 1580s when it was written about by the early colonists talking about the wonderful aroma, the Mother Vine is in North Carolina. And it is called. It’s a Scuppernong, which is a wide variety of the muscadine a lot of times people use governance synonymously with muscadine because it’s the most popular or well-known variety. It is a variety and there are white and red varieties of the mascot on and the red varieties they range in color from fuchsia to black and the white or light from chartreuse to deep bronze very nostalgic in the south and people remember picking it when they were young behind their grandparent’s horns and they literally make jams and jelly and still a lot of homemade wine.

What else does the Post Winery offer? We will touch on that in episode 2 as now it is time for our listener voicemail.

Question Hi, this is Christina from Hemet, California. I was wondering about a wine that I had at a restaurant. How do I get it? That sounds like a simple question but don’t be shy. Go ahead and ask the restaurant. They will not get offended if you ask them where they get the wine. They won’t add an extra charge on your bill and you can also check out of the App Store for the app. The ViVino App is a good one.

Love your show and I like your style. Thank you for your question, Christina. We’d like to submit a question we’d love to hear from you. Go to thebestwinepodcast.com

Thank you for listening. I’m Forrest Kelly. This episode of The Best 5 Minute Wine Podcast was produced by IHYSM. If you like the show, tell your friends and pets and subscribe. Until next time pour the wine and ponder your next adventure.

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